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The following errors are returned by C1 Core's REST API:

Error message c1-core c1-auth Description
request_error X X Generic error processing the request. See log or error description for more information.
account_locked X The user's account is locked. Only returned by POST /auth.
client_unknown X The client ID is unknown.
data_error X X Error in request data.
element_unknown X X The element is unknown.
entry_exists X X An entry with this ID already exists.
invalid_path X X The path of the URI is invalid.
invalid_http_method X X The path exists but the HTTP method is invalid.
missing_data_field X X Missing field in request data.
missing_header_field X X A required header was not found in the request.
module_request_error X X Error executing RPC command on module. See log or error description for more information.
password_change_required X The user's password must be changed. Only returned by POST /auth.
password_hacked X X The user's password is on a list of hacked passwords.
token_expired X X The provided token has expired.
user_unknown X X The user is unknown.

This list is complete. No other errors are returned, so this list can be used to create localized error messages.