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An edge client is an edge GNU/Linux computer running Debian or Ubuntu. Installed on this system are at least two programs:

  1. Homegear
  2. Homegear Cloudconnect

Homegear ( is our IoT gateway software. Devices are connected - i. e. paired - to Homegear. Homegear handles device communication, logic and (local) visualization. The latter is mostly relevant when Homegear is used in smart homes.

Homegear Cloudconnect is used - as the name says - to connect the Homegear instance to Sensaru Cloud. The connection is bidirectional and data is exchanged using our binary RPC protocol. Homegear Cloudconnect is connected to the Sensaru Cloud cloud module "C1 Proxy". So all edge clients can be reached from other modules using C1 Proxy.

          Device }o..|| Homegear : "connected to"
          Homegear ||..|| Homegear_Cloudconnect : "communicates with"
          Homegear_Cloudconnect }|--|| C1_Proxy : "connected to"
          C1_Proxy }|--|| C1_Core : "connected to"
          C1_Module }|--|| C1_Core : "connected to"

Both Homegear Cloudconnect and Homegear provide RPC methods that can be called from other Sensaru Cloud modules: