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Cloud connection

Edge clients are connected to Sensaru Cloud using the service Homegear Cloudconnect. Homegear Cloudconnect uses a client certificate to authenticate against the Sensaru Cloud module C1 Proxy. This is in fact the only configuration needed. The certificate contains the following information:

  • The ID of the business partner the installation belongs to.
  • The ID of the portfolio (optional).
  • The ID of the economic unit.
  • The ID of the property (optional).
  • The ID of the administration unit (optional).
  • An administration unit sub ID (optional).
  • Another administration unit-independent sub ID to support multiple clients in one location.

The portfolio ID, economic unit ID, property ID and administration unit ID must be the same as used in the ERP system of the business partner. Like this they are associated automatically in Sensaru Cloud and no additional configuration is required.

Creating a client certificate

See the section about client certificates.

Installing the client certificate

Place the client certificate in


and the private key in:


The paths can be changed in /etc/homegear/cloudconnect.conf.

Do not forget to only allow the user homegear access to the private key:

chown homegear:homegear /etc/homegear/cloudclient.key
chmod 400 /etc/homegear/cloudclient.key

Additional configuration

For additional configuration parameters, see the descriptions in /etc/homegear/cloudconnect.conf.

HA environments

In high-availability environments Homegear Cloudconnect is only started on the currently active instance. The other instance must be accessed through the first one.