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Multi tenancy

Sensaru Cloud is multi-tenant capable. The tenant - we say principal - structure is hirarchical (see chapter terminology). There are four levels:

  1. System providers
  2. System distributors
  3. Business partners
  4. End users

In addition to the principals themselves, every principal has it's own internal users.

From top to bottom the levels have a 1 to n relationship:

    System-provider ||..|{ System-distributor : "manages"
    System-provider ||..|{ System-provider-user : "has"
    System-distributor ||..|{ Business-partner : "manages"
    System-distributor ||..|{ System-distributor-user : "has"
    Business-partner ||..|{ End-user : "manages"
    Business-partner ||..|{ Business-partner-user : "has"

This means a system provider can manage it's system distributors. A system distributor can manage it's business partners. A business partner can manage it's endusers. There is no way a principal can access the level above it. So an end user cannot access the managing business partner, a business partner cannot access the managing system distributor and so on.

End users do not have backend access. They can only access the end user app.

A subdomain of "" is associated to every principal for this principal to be able to access it's own instance of Sensaru Cloud. For example: "".